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The Return of Jack

by / Friday, 19 September 2014 / Published in Archived News

A ride on a cable car should be the making of a grand day out. Today the excursion looks to be in jeopardy as the cable car has broken down and the occupants are in danger of falling into the crocodile infested waters below. Coming swiftly to save the day is Jack Stone and his buddies from the ResQ team.

Robert Clarkson has revived Jack from his 12 years of oblivion and created ‘Jack Stone and the Cable Car Crisis’ for him to take centre stage.

At a meeting of the Brickish Association earlier this year, other AFOLs scoffed at the simplicity of the Jack Stone character and sets. “I decided he needed a comeback”, says Robert. “I have built a display that features a moving cable car, impressive mountain range, chunky vehicles (a Jack Stone trademark) and, of course, LEGO eating crocodiles”.

The Jack Stone sets were made to fill the hands and stimulate the play of 4-6 year olds; too old for Duplo and too young for ‘proper’ LEGO. The characters were made to a slightly larger scale than Minifigures and lacked the ability to interchange their heads, torso and legs.

“Hopefully”, continues Robert, “this display will show that there is still some life left in this forgotten hero”.

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