The National Museum of Scotland is coming south of the border

by / Tuesday, 03 October 2017 / Published in Show News
National Museum of Scotland Model Built from LEGOⓇ Bricks unveiled in Museum’s 150th Year

National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

A 3.5-metre model of the National Museum of Scotland built from LEGOⓇ bricks has been unveiled in the 150th anniversary year of the iconic Victorian building.

Created by the renowned ‘artist in LEGOⓇ bricks’, Warren Elsmore and his team, the model comprises around 90,000 bricks and took 350 hours to build. 

The model Museum is built to ‘minifigure scale’, so that a LEGOⓇ figurine looks correct inside it. It features a cross-section of the building showcasing the attraction’s famous Grand Gallery and iconic museum objects including a Formula One car and a statue of James Watt.

Every brick used to create the model is a standard LEGOⓇ brick, however it includes a number of rare and unusual bricks, with parts sourced from all over Europe.

Visitors to the Museum were able to watch the model being built as part of Build It! Adventures with LEGOⓇ Bricks, a series of events and activities which took place at the Museum from January to April.

Pic caption: Creator Warren Elsmore  examines the finished model.

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Warren Elsmore’s model of the National Museum of Scotland is making a trip south of the border this weekend!

The model was built live in front of visitors during the museum’s 150th anniversary in 2016.

As well as the building itself the model includes exhibits inside, from dinosaurs to lighthouses, and a carefully selected variety of museum artifacts, all in minifigure-scale.