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London 1875 – Capital of an Empire

by / Tuesday, 16 September 2014 / Published in Archived News

1875, London is bustling with life being at the centre of an Empire.  As the capital grows new transport networks are constructed.  However not everything is so glorious and there are parts of the capital which are less privileged…

Last year Brick To The Past (a group of LEGO historical fans) brought us Tigelfah, a medieval town and castle – this year the clock has been fast forwarded to Victorian London.  The team is smaller this year with Jimmy, Steve and James and a new member Simon working together this year.

To reflect life in London during the Victorian period their model shows a section from the comfortable wealthy West End through to the poorer and slum area in the East End. Clapham Cab Image – ‘Clapham, nah sorry don’t got south of the river’.

Jimmy and Simon have worked together to show the comfortable, wealthy Victorian London (the West End).   As you wander through the streets (not literally of course!) you will be able to see the architectural grandeur in London’s churches, shops and offices reflecting the high finance and rich culture, enjoyed by the cream of society.  And if the smoky London air becomes too much and you’re getting tired then you can rest and have a ride on one of the new underground train lines which connected the sprawling suburbs of London with its centre.

Later on this month in the blog we will get a glance of the work Steve and James have been doing on the poorer end of London

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