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Have you met Vernie?

by / Tuesday, 03 October 2017 / Published in Archived News

We don’t normally showcase LEGO sets at GWBS but LEGO Boost is a little different. It’s a set designed to get children building and coding from a younger age and we have to say, it’s enormous fun!  It’s aimed at 7-12 year-olds but if you want to see how much fun anyone can have with it, pop along to see Kerry and Martin who will have all the models on display.

Vernie is a lovable robot that can turn police officer in an instant.  Frankie is an adorable cyber-cat that loves fish bones and milk.  MTR4 (or ‘Bully’ as we love to call him) is a manic bulldozer that loves to clean up.  Guitar4000 is just genius – if you’ve never played a LEGO guitar before, you haven’t lived!

The serious business is the fun in coding though.  It’s an essential life skill for every child today and LEGO Boost makes it the most fun.  That’s our opinion anyway…you can decide for yourself!

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