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Classic Space returns for 2016

by / Thursday, 22 September 2016 / Published in Archived News

Classic Space has been an inspirational theme for many builders, often because it was an iconic look from childhood LEGO sets.  Alec Hole has taken the Classic Space theme to a new level with one of his builds for the show.  He told us:

“This starship model is inspired by a classic LEGO Space set from 1985. It’s 88cm long, 50cm wide and 31cm tall– the set that inspired it is about 30cm long. I’ve tried to reference many of the details in the original, such as the small exterior computers behind the cockpit area and the large engines on the middle wings. The rear tower still has a gantry-like quality, using fence pieces mounted at angles.

Despite its size the ship is swooshable and has been designed to be carried by the central neck section. Most of the weight is at the back, so you can grasp the neck near where it meets the rear section and lift it. There are lots of overlapping plates in the neck to strengthen it, and even the pipes clipped along the sides help reinforce the structure. The rear wings are braced underneath so they don’t swing off when you swoosh her. The model took about six months’ work in my spare time to complete.”