Briscoe’s back, on a Milagre Hoverbike!

by / Wednesday, 21 September 2016 / Published in Archived News
Milagre Hoverbike by Jason Briscoe

Sometimes, even the biggest LEGO fans choose to take a break.  Real life often has other demands or they simply decide to pursue other interests.  Jason Briscoe withdrew from the LEGO fan scene around 15 years ago but he couldn’t stay away forever.  We’re welcoming him to STEAM for the very first time this year but he’s no newcomer.  Here’s a sneak peak at one of the many fabulous models he’s bringing to the show.  You’ll find him in the Space corner and he describes his display for us:

“Utilising the weaker gravitational forces found on many of the Federation’s colony worlds, mankind has grown increasingly dependent on hover travel. To such an extent, that some now believe that surface travel by any other means is impossible.

Hovercars evolved from regular wheeled vehicles, originating from 21st century Earth. Some three centuries later, wheels have now become almost obsolete, with only the occasional old space hand, that has managed to retain some of their youth (through the effects of relativistic space flight), referring to the bygone era of “Rubber feet” vehicles…”