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The Great Western Brick Show showcases amazing models built by LEGO® fans in the UK!

Every year, members of the Brickish Association bring their stunning creations to Swindon and visitors from all over the UK come to be inspired.

Video from the 2015 show

9 October 2015

Here’s the official video of the show by our friends at Videoworks.

Finished Fairy Bricks Mosaic - STEAM 2015

Fantastic news from Fairy Bricks

5 October 2015

Kev from Fairy Bricks has been in touch to let us know that thanks to your generosity over £2000 has been raised for the Charity.

Kev said, “Thank you so much for supporting us again this year. Last year following the Great Western Brick Show we were able to deliver LEGO sets in Swindon, Bristol and Bath. Thanks to the visitors generosity we will be able to fund a further five donations around the South West. Finally, well done to everyone who helped us to build our mosaic – 504 sections over two days is a massive achievement and we hope you agree that the finished image is fantastic!”

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

2 October 2015

Brick to the Past have collaborated in the last two years with displays of medieval and Victorian England. This year they take us back in time to the Roman Empire and give us a taste of live on Hadrian’s Wall a few years after it was built.

Taking a small section of the wall and using their imagination they have created a scene capturing a number of features on the wall and in the surrounding landscape. The section of the Hadrian’s Wall they have created includes features such as a milecastle and a make believe fort called Peregrinium. The fort is based on the standard Roman layout and has borrowed additional features from a real fort on the wall, Housesteads, such as the latrine (public toilets). Next to the fort there is a settlement (known as a ‘vicus’) which developed to meet the needs of the legionaries living in fort. Near by to the fort and vicus is a villa and a bathhouse.

To the north of the fort is an Iron Age village along with some barrows (graves) and Celtic farmland.

The Journey of the Mayflower

The Journey of the Mayflower

1 October 2015

Andrew Danieli writes:

The Journey of the Mayflower began as a commission for Warren Elsmore’s latest book, “Brick History” back in May this year.  I’ve always liked old style sailing ships, and building the Mayflower allowed me to experiment with a sloping hull design I’ve been meaning to try for a while.  This made for a more accurate model whilst still using the Lego “flat bottomed” hull sections as the initial starting point.  It took about two months to complete the ship, along with some help from Flickr user “Anduin1710” who let me use his technique for plate built sails. (more…)

The Battle of Hoth

The Battle of Hoth

30 September 2015

James Shields will be displaying his 4m x 2m model of the battle of Hoth as rebel troops rush to prepare for the oncoming onslaught of the Imperial AT-ATs. James has been working hard to recreate all of the interior and exterior details of the epic battle from the Empire Strikes Back, including the hanger interior, the enormous blast doors, the medical centre, the rebel defense lines, and the approaching imperial onslaught.

The Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman to steam into STEAM

29 September 2015

Jamie Douglas will be displaying his model of the iconic steam locomotive Flying Scostman. Jamie writes:

The Great Western Brick Show has a special place in my Lego-building heart, as it was at the first one I displayed at – back in 2013 – that I saw how great Lego trains can be. I especially loved the detail that some builders had managed to get with them, and this inspired me to branch out into this area of the hobby.

After building a few different trains myself, and getting better at doing so, I decided to tackle one of the most iconic trains of all – the Flying Scotsman. I did a lot of preparatory work – downloading lots of photos from all angles, working out how long it should be, and how long each part of it should be. I wanted to build it as the ‘double tender’ version of the train, as I consider that to be the most iconic version. However, this did mean that the full locomotive would be over two feet long! (more…)

Brickton at the Brick show

Brickton at the Brick show

27 September 2015

I will be displaying my stand-alone LEGO train layout ‘Brickton’ at the show this year. Until two years ago I collaborated with fellow members of the Brickish Association on a large train layout that we would plan and build advance then combine on the day. This year I wanted to create something that I could take to several shows and display in isolation, so I built a 2.5m x 1m layout which is just about big enough to make something interesting to look at and operate.

As well as the actual trains, it features a lifelike British street scene on a raised section, in which a number of out-of-place minifigs have been hidden. Come and see if you can spot them all!

I hope to be operating ‘train-cams’ which will relay live video from miniature cameras in the trains.

Large Scale X-Wing

Large scale X-Wing

26 September 2015

The second of James Cherry’s models that we are showcasing is this X-Wing Starfighter ‘Red 5’. Although LEGO has made two large-scale ‘Ultimate Collector’s Series’ versions of this iconic Star Wars craft, James felt he could do better. The resultant model is 78cm x 54cm (or 99 studs x 68 studs) making it about 1/16 scale. It has functioning wings and an opening cockpit. He used a number of hinges to achieve the various complicated panel angles and made up a host of bespoke stickers to complete the model.

1/10 Scale P-51D Mustang

1/10 Scale P-51D Mustang

25 September 2015

James Cherry will be bringing two impressive flying machines to the show this year. The first is a 1/10 Scale P-51D Mustang. It is 98cm long with a wingspan of 113cm. It has functioning control surfaces plus scale internal details like a Packard Merlin engine, fuel tank, oxygen tanks, radiator and detailed cockpit. (more…)

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The Great Western Brick Show is held at STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon on Saturday and Sunday 1-2 October 2016.

The event showcases the very latest and best models built by Brickish Association members fans around the UK.

Come along to see some amazing displays, help build a giant LEGO mosaic and visit the marketplace to pick up the very best deals around.

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Tickets can be purchased in advance via our online ticketing partner, Swindon Tickets. Please note that a small booking fees apply for all online ticket purchases.

You can also purchase tickets on the day.

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The Great Western Brick Show is held inside STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway, just next to the Swindon Designer Outlet Centre.

The museum is easily accessible by car and public transport.

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