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The Great Western Brick Show showcases amazing models built by LEGO® fans in the UK!

Every year, members of the Brickish Association bring their stunning creations to Swindon and visitors from all over the UK come to be inspired.

LEGO Caterham Seven 620R

See the new Caterham Seven 620R!

26 September 2016

We are massively excited to announce that there will be three superstars on just one exhibit at this year’s show!  The all new LEGO Ideas 21307 Caterham Seven 620R set will be on display with its original creator, Carl Greatrix – against a backdrop of a real Caterham Seven 620R!  Carl will be at the show all weekend with both his model and the real thing to talk about how he took an idea forward to a set that will be on the shelves to purchase.

The Official LEGO Store at the Great Western Brick Show will be stocking the latest Ideas set and Carl will be happy to sign your set if you wish.  We expect them to be extremely popular!


Arcade Ville by Nicolas Geeraert

Arcade Ville – combining two favourite hobbies!

23 September 2016

LEGO as a construction tool allows builders to create pretty much anything, including the impossible. That was the starting point for Nicolas Geeraert to imagine what it would be like for minifigures to interact with characters and objects from computer games. In Arcade Ville several famous and classic arcade games are depicted. Nicolas said:

“I am sure that visitors to the show will recognize many of the digital objects and figures in the arcade town. For the older generation these will be the games played in amusement arcades or on early computer consoles. However, the younger generation will also recognize the classics that have now been reinvented as apps on tablets and the internet.

Last year was my first show and I absolutely loved it. I am looking forward to returning to STEAM and meet fellow LEGO enthusiasts young and old.”

Neo FX Star Patroller by Alec Hole

Classic Space returns for 2016

22 September 2016

Classic Space has been an inspirational theme for many builders, often because it was an iconic look from childhood LEGO sets.  Alec Hole has taken the Classic Space theme to a new level with one of his builds for the show.  He told us:

“This starship model is inspired by a classic LEGO Space set from 1985. It’s 88cm long, 50cm wide and 31cm tall– the set that inspired it is about 30cm long. I’ve tried to reference many of the details in the original, such as the small exterior computers behind the cockpit area and the large engines on the middle wings. The rear tower still has a gantry-like quality, using fence pieces mounted at angles.

Despite its size the ship is swooshable and has been designed to be carried by the central neck section. Most of the weight is at the back, so you can grasp the neck near where it meets the rear section and lift it. There are lots of overlapping plates in the neck to strengthen it, and even the pipes clipped along the sides help reinforce the structure. The rear wings are braced underneath so they don’t swing off when you swoosh her. The model took about six months’ work in my spare time to complete.”

Milagre Hoverbike by Jason Briscoe

Briscoe’s back, on a Milagre Hoverbike!

21 September 2016

Sometimes, even the biggest LEGO fans choose to take a break.  Real life often has other demands or they simply decide to pursue other interests.  Jason Briscoe withdrew from the LEGO fan scene around 15 years ago but he couldn’t stay away forever.  We’re welcoming him to STEAM for the very first time this year but he’s no newcomer.  Here’s a sneak peak at one of the many fabulous models he’s bringing to the show.  You’ll find him in the Space corner and he describes his display for us:

“Utilising the weaker gravitational forces found on many of the Federation’s colony worlds, mankind has grown increasingly dependent on hover travel. To such an extent, that some now believe that surface travel by any other means is impossible.

Hovercars evolved from regular wheeled vehicles, originating from 21st century Earth. Some three centuries later, wheels have now become almost obsolete, with only the occasional old space hand, that has managed to retain some of their youth (through the effects of relativistic space flight), referring to the bygone era of “Rubber feet” vehicles…”

Vaughn Medway - Be Inspired

Vaughn has been inspired!

20 September 2016

Some of the builders at the Great Western Brick Show have been exhibiting for many years and settle into a theme they love.  This year, Vaughn Medway decide to take the “Be inspired” motto from the summer sporting events and break from tradition.  What he’s built for the show is a selection of the things he’s been inspired by over the past few months.  It’s a lovely mix of themes and we love what he’s done.  Vaughn told us:

“This year there is no overall theme for me – though I suppose the “Be Inspired” sentiment has caused me to build lots of small things rather than one big thing.  I have allowed my imagination to run free and I have built militaria, space, film and TV, nautical history and rural history.

This will be either my 7th or 8th year in a row – can’t remember! But every year brings new inspiration, new builds, a new audience but always a fantastic event.”

Minifig For Lfe

Marketplace spotlight: MinifigForLife

19 September 2016

In the first of our Marketplace spotlights, we caught up with MinifigForLife.  Here’s what they had to say.

The Great Western Brick Show is now one of several places on the MinifigForLife tour of major LEGO shows in the UK, but it is the highlight of our calendar. This is because Great Western LEGO Show (as it was then known) was the show that started it all with our first shop at an event. In the years since, MinifigForLife has grown to be one of the biggest LEGO parts sellers in the country, the only official reseller of Brickarms in the UK, a producer of custom capes, and a specialist in printing onto LEGO parts. (more…)

Hadrian's Wall from 2015

Two weeks to go!

18 September 2016

Well, less than that in fact!  We know we’ve got some great new models coming this year as well as some awesome new ideas.  We’ll have LEGO celebrities there and some new LEGO sets launching on that very weeekend.  Watch out over the next two weeks as we slowly reveal all the things you have to look forward to.  Some of our friends at Brick to the Past have already started leaking images of what they’ve built for this year, and it’s all looking rather cool.  Well, scary actually.  Vikings…

Tickets now available

Tickets available online now

16 August 2016

Tickets are now available to purchase online via our ticketing partner Swindon Tickets.  Please note that booking fees apply for online ticket purchases.  For full details, please see our Tickets page.

Finished Fairy Bricks Mosaic - STEAM 2015

Looking forward to the 2016 show?

16 August 2016

We’re excited too! The Great Western Brick Show opens its doors for the fourteenth time in October this year! 14 years! We started off in 2002 with a handful of people who brought a LEGO train display to STEAM. A couple of hundred visitors came to see it and loved what they saw – what adult fans could build with LEGO bricks.

Put this date in your diary: 1-2 October 2016

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The Great Western Brick Show is held at STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon on Saturday and Sunday 1-2 October 2016.

The event showcases the very latest and best models built by Brickish Association members fans around the UK.

Come along to see some amazing displays, help build a giant LEGO mosaic and visit the marketplace to pick up the very best deals around.

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Tickets can be purchased in advance via our online ticketing partner, Swindon Tickets. Please note that a small booking fees apply for all online ticket purchases.

You can also purchase tickets on the day.

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The Great Western Brick Show is held inside STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway, just next to the Swindon Designer Outlet Centre.

The museum is easily accessible by car and public transport.

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  • We had an amazing day. My children went home inspired to build some cool models of their own.
    Mr James
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    Mrs Stone
  • Your exhibition is amazing and I enjoy taking my kids to it every year!
    Mrs Honey
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